How To Make A Woman Cum


1. Do her laundry. Distracting thoughts can be a factor in women’s sexuality more than men’s. The mechanism that allows people to “compartmentalize” can be missing from women, though there are exceptions to this rule. (Sometimes it’s the husband who can be distracted away from sex by the fridge humming too loudly, while the mom…

The Number One Reason Why Men Pull Away – #8 Will Astound You, But Don’t Worry It’s Probably Not #3


Ever wondered why that man you’re so close to needs his own time and space, especially after you’ve put him through an emotional shitshow? Well you’re in luck, because here are 11 reasons why your man needs to “take space” aka “retreat to his cave” aka “act like your gruff ex-military dad.” 11. Sometimes men…

In Case Of Erectile Emergency Read This: 10 Ways To Deal For Both Dick and Dickee


It is an all too common scene – you are giving or receiving a right dicking, things are progressing apace, and suddenly (or gradually) the equipment becomes either somewhat or completely non-erect. The term Erectile Dysfunction seems too clinical a term to describe one of life’s most human, vulnerable and in some ways (believe it…

How To Be A “Sexy Mom”


I used to love the word MILF. It felt like a badge of honor, one worth carrying on a (sometimes one-woman) campaign to get other moms to see as a compliment. The reasoning was sound– if we are universally the most searched word in porn, could we not pedal that, hypothetically, into being heard? Oh…

Fucking With Love


I haven’t been posting as much as I used to, and I feel moved to explain why. How could I abandon my (mostly) anonymous readers, leaving them stranded in a sea of unironic listicles, meaningless sex pointers and uninspired blowjob tips? How could I forsake those who reached out saying I had re-invigorated their sex…


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